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Ahkaam Qirat Al-Quran Al-Karim By Shaykh Qari Mahmoud Khalil al-Husary

Ahkaam Qirat Al-Quran Al-Karim , Shaykh Qari Mahmoud Khalil al-Husary , Maulana Talha Bilal Maniar

Ahkaam Qirat Al-Quran Al-Karim


Shaykh Qari Mahmoud Khalil al-Husary

Compiled and Marginalia By :

Shaykh ul Hadith Qari Maulana Talha Bilal Maniar ( May Allah Preserve Him )

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Description :


Praise is for Allah who has given us every type of blessings and May Allah shower blessing on Holy Prophet and on his wives and on his all family and also on his companions till the day of resurrection.

Allah has done great favor on this Ummat by sending his last Prophet and Messenger , Our Master , Muhammad ( peace be upon Him ) , and his revealed on Him the last Book , Holy Quran , and made it the way and mode of life though which everyone can succeed and find his destination.

Allah has made easy the recitation and memorization of Holy Quran and has promised great reward for those who recite and memorize it.

Allah has mentioned in Holy Quran that it is trait of True Muslims that they fulfill the rights of recitation of Holy Quran , which is to recite it with Tarteel and by pronouncing its words from its place , and that is the way through which The Companions ( may Allah be pleased with Them ) have learnt from The Holy Prophet. Then the Masters of Recitation (Qirat) learnt from them respectively.

So the rules of recitation were taken from the way and mode of recitation , with which Holy Prophet & His Companions used to recite and people learnt these rules informally when they learnt recitation from them.

But at early times , there was no need to compile these rules due to the fact that that era was near to the time of Companions and people were still well organized but when people used to make blatant mistakes in recitation then there arose need to compile rules of recitation to save Holy Quran & its words from alteration and tampering.

Then many scholars wrote books on this specialization , which was then later called as Ilm ul Tajweed ( Knowledge of Tajweed ) and many scholars of recent times also wrote books in this field , of which one of them is the Author of this book , Shaykh Qari Mahmoud Khalil al-Husary ( May Allah’s mercy be on Him ).

Short Description of the Author & his aforementioned book is as follows :


Biography of the Author :

Shaykh Qari Mahmoud Khalil al-Husary born on 17th September , 1917 in a village named Shobra al-Namla in Tanta , Egypt.

Shaykh memorized Holy Quran at age of eight. He educated in Al-Azhar University and learnt the tn recitations there. He went to Tanta when his age was twenty five years. He was reciter at the renowned mosque named”Masjid Ahmdi” in Tanta.  He then sttld in Cairo and made his first official recitation in the Radio Station in 1944.He was selected as the one who says azaan , Muazzin , in 1948 in Sidi Hamza masjid. 

Shaykh was the first to record complete  Quran in the murattal style via transmission of Hafs though Aasim in 1961. Then in 1964, he recorded complete Quran via transmission of Warsh through Nafi’. Then recorded via transmission of Qalun and Ad Duri in 1968.  His recordings became very famous and are distributed everywhere in the world.

His stature of recite was very renowned and he was appointed to the post of Shaykh l-Maqari (Scholar of the Reciting Schools) and he held that position for many years. He recited in many functions and ceremonies around the world and he was greeted everywhere with warm welcome.

Shaykh died on 24th November , 1980 in Cairo.

Shaykh al-Husary wrote about 10 books on the science of Quran.

  1. Ahkaam Qirat al-Quran al-Karim , which is this book
  2. Al Qirat ul Ashr minish Shatibiyya wad Durrah
  3. Maalim al Ihtada Ila Marifat al Waqf wal ibtada
  4. Al Fatkhul Kabeer fil istiadha wat takbeer
  5. Ahsan al Asar fi Tarikh al Qurra al Arba Ashr
  6. Ma al Quran Al Karim
  7. Qirat Warsh Aan Nafi’ Al madani
  8. Qirat Ad Duri Aan Abu ‘Amr al Basri
  9. Nur al Qulub fi Qirat Al Imam yaqub
  10. As Sabeel al Muyassar fi Qirat Al Imam Abi Ja’far
  11. Husn al Masarrah fil Jama bain al shatibiyya wad durrah
  12. Al Nahj al jadeed fi Ilm al Tajweed
  13. Some other books


Description of the Book :


“Ahkaam Qiraat al Quran al Karim” is a wonderful book and it is neither too long nor too short rather it is medium is size and the articles and essays are arranged very beautifully. 

Shaykh al Husary started by the 1st section of Tarteel :
Tajweed of the words,
The place from where words are vocalized,
the intinsic characteristics of words,
then other topics related to words like Al Mutamasalain ,Al Mutajanisain and Al Mutaqarabain
and subsidiary characteristics of words like Tafheem , Tarqeeq , Qasr , Madd , Izhaar , Idghaam , Qalb , Ikhfa

Then Shaykh started second section of of Tarteel , which are :
Knowledge of Wuquf ,
Waqf at end of Kalam , Al Maqtoo’ , Al Mausool , Taa Tanees ,
Isbaat Hurufi Madda wa Hazafaha,
Hamzatul Wasl ,
Mode of Qiraat ,
Masail of Tawwuz and Tasmiah etc