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Meezan ul Aitedal Urdu By Imam Ad-Dhahabi ra



Meezan ul Aitedal


Imam Ad-Dhahabi ra


Translated in Urdu


Maulana Abu Saeed




Vol 1 (10.7 MB)    Vol 2 (13.6 MB)    Vol 3 (12.6 MB)

Vol 4 (11.6 MB)    Vol 5 (13.9 MB)    Vol 6 (15.6 MB)

Vol 7 (12.6 MB)    Vol 8 (6.9 MB) 


Description :

This is the Urdu translation of the famous book “Meezan ul Aitedal” of Imam Ad Dhahabi ra. This book is basically an encyclopedia of weak narrators.

Imam Ad Dhahabi ra has included every type of Jarh on narrators , which he found anywhere.Some narrators are not in fact weak but as some Muhaditheen have criticized him , so that’s why Imam Ad Dhahabi has included their name in this book.

Imam Ad Dhahabi ra has listed name of narrators and their fathers name as alphabetically.

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