Fursat e Zindagi By Mufti Saeed Ahmad Qasmi Majadari

Fursat e Zindagi , Mufti Saeed Ahmad Qasmi


Fursat e Zindagi


Mufti Saeed Ahmad Qasmi Majadari


فرصتِ زندگی

: تالیف

مفتی سعید احمد قاسمی مجدری


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Continuous struggle, vehemence of actions, warmth, zeal and activities is what life is. If intensity and activities are lacking, then that life is like dead body because according to wise people, life is not the name only this that a person just lives but life can only be called life if someone values his time and make benefit from it.

Every second and moment in this life are worthless and precious gifts from Allah and through this time, man can reap great rewards and make his ranks high in paradise. And man can only know its true value in the life after death when he will be presented result of his good and bad deeds. And he will only then know the true value of time and he will yearn that he might have used his time wisely.

Mufti Saeed Ahmad Qasmi has written this booklet on this important topic and made this essay interesting by different diverse topics and with precious selection of words.