Mali Mamilat Ki Kamzoriyaan By Maulana Ijaz Ahmad Azmi ra

Mali Mamilat Ki Kamzoriyaan , Maulana Ijaz Ahmad Azmi ra

Mali Mamilat Ki Kamzoriyaan


Un Ki Islah


Maulana Ijaz Ahmad Azmi ra


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Short Description:

Allah has done a great favor on human beings that He has given instructions through which human beings can successfully go through all phases of their lives. And Allah has given instructions to even those things which are of our own benefits like trade dealings and transactions and Allah has made great reward for those who carry out these instructions correctly in their respective arena.

Islam has given importance to the field of trade dealings and transactions as Islam has given to the area of prayers. Because these financial dealings and transactions are related to the rights of other human beings. And if someone has condoned them, then people will ask for their rights on day of judgment and people usually don’t give up their rights very easily as compared to Allah, who if wishes, pardons every thing except the sin of practicing idolatry or polytheism. So everyone should rectify themselves in financial transactions and should carry out other’s rights fully.

Maulana Azmi ra has written many articles related to financial transactions because of its importance. In this booklet, these articles are all combined.

Topics of them are:

  1. One own Accountability
    irregularities in financial transactions
  2. Loan return and Its methods
  3. Assistance of prayers ( Dua ) in paying off debts/loans