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Mansab i Tadris Aur Hazraat Mudarriseen By Maulana Ijaz Ahmad Azmi ra

Mansab i Tadris Aur Hazraat Mudarriseen , Maulana Ijaz Ahmad Azmi ra


Mansab i Tadris


Hazraat Mudarriseen


Maulana Ijaz Ahmad Azmi ra


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Foreword by the Author himself :


Maulana Ijaz Ahmad Azami ra says that his childhood spent in Islamic Institutions ( Madaris ) , he had spent his youth in it, then he spent his old age in it also and then he prayed and yearned of this that his rest of life may also be spent in it.

He further says that, these Madaris are the Islamic forts for the protection of Islam i this era, though it may have some deficiencies but nevertheless they are Islamic forts which are running through Allah’s assistance and help. And all the scholars who revive the teachings of Islam , they all groom and educate in these Islamic Institutions.

Islamic Institutions consists of many elements and pillars, teachers are the utmost important element and pillar of them. Students came to them empty minded, having no capability whatsoever. But the teachers groom and teach them with that knowledge and hikmah, which they have got from the Holy Prophet ( Peace Be Upon Him ) by generation and generation . As the teachers rank is elated so are their responsibilities greater.

He continues further by saying that he had this intention for long time to write on the responsibilities of teachers so that he himself and other teachers also can benefit from it. Then he says that he was thinking that what style should he adopt to write this article. Then he said that he should write this article in a letter to his son.

The content of this letter was originally written for the teachers of Islamic Institutions but it is very beneficial for all classes of Muslims, if they are teachers or students or administrators or common folks.

The main headings of this letter are as follows:

  1. Responsibilities of Teachers
  2. Teachers should show such affection to students as they are they show to their own children
  3. Teach only for the sake of Allah
  4. Well-wishers of the students
  5. admonish or reproach them in god manner and with wisdom
  6. Don’t devalue other subjects
  7. Teach them according to their mental level and calibre
  8. Teacher should himself first practiced what he advises and teaches
  9. Teachers responsibilities as member of Islamic Institution
  10. His behave in employment
  11. Issue of salary
  12. Traits and characteristics of Scholars
  13. Attributes of evil nature scholars