Tasheelul Jalalain ( Sharah Urdu Jalalain ) By Maulana Ijaz Ahmad Azmi ra تسہیل الجلالین

Maulana Ijaz Ahmad Azmi ra, Jalalain , Tasheelul Jalalain , Sharah Urdu Jalalain

Name : Tasheelul Jalalain

( Urdu commentary of Jalalain )

Author : Maulana Ijaz Ahmad Azmi ra


Short description of the Book :

This book is urdu commentary of Jalalain ( Arabic commentary of Holy Quran ) .

Maulana Azmi ra has done the following approach in doing this commentary :
Translation of the Arabic commentary along with the Matan
Explanation of statements of commentary
Short account of the conclusive points in light of the commentary


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