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Akhlaq al Ulama , Maulana Ijaz Ahmad Azmi ra , Abu Bakr al-Ajurri

Akhlaq al Ulama — Translated By Maulana Ijaz Ahmad Azmi ra


Akhlaq al Ulama

Author :  Imam Abu Bakr Muhammad Ibn al-Husain al-Ajurri ra

Translated By : Maulana Ijaz Ahmad Azmi ra


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Short Description :


Akhlaq al Ulama is a booklet authored by Imam Abu Bakr Muhammad Ibn al-Husain al-Ajurri ra ( d. 360 Hijri ) . This book is related with good character of Scholars. Imam al-Ajurri ra has mentioned several good traits of Scholars in it.

Some of the topics are :

  1. The elevated rank of Scholars
  2. Supremacy and superiority of  Scholars in light of Ahadith
  3. The character and traits of Scholars
  4. Intention of seeking knowledge
  5. Etiquettes for those who visit Scholars
  6. Manners for those who want to sit and learn from Scholars
  7. The decorum which Scholars should adopt when they become famous
  8. Code of conduct for debate
  9. How the Scholars should conduct with common folks
  10. What demeanour and conduct Scholars should adopt in relation with Allah
  11. Questioning of knowledgeable people on Day of Judgement
  12. Trait and characteristics of evil-natured Scholars


Brief Introduction of the Author :


The author’s full name is Muhamamd Ibn al Hussain al-Ahurri. He was born in round about 284 Hijri in al-Ajurr , a village located in outskirts of Baghdad. Imam al-Ajurri learnt educated from many teachers. Khateeb Baghdadi has mentioned some of them

  1. ,Al-Hafiz Abul Muslim Ibrahim bin Abdillah bin Muslim Al-Bashri Al-Kajji (d.292 H),
  2. Sheikh Ahmad Bin Yaha al-Halwani
  3. Jafar Bin Muhamamd Faryabi
  4. Abu Bakr Abd-allah bin Sulayman bin Al-Ash’ath As-Sijistani (d.316 H) one of sheikh in Baghdad, the son of Imam Abu Dawud , Author of Sunan Abu Dawud
  5. Ahmad Ibn al-Hussain Ibn Abdul Jabbar Sufi
  6. Harun Ibn Yusuf Ibn Zayad
  7. There are many others also

Imam al-Ajurri had many students. Befor 330 Hijri , he taught in Baghadad and then went to Holy Makkah and then taught rest of life there.

His famous students names are :

  1. Ali Ibn Bishran
  2. Abdul Malik Ibn Bishran
  3. Ali Ibn Ahmad IbnIbn Umar al-Muqri
  4. Mahmood Ibn Umar
  5. Muhamamd Ibn Hussain Ibn Fazal Qatan
  6. Abu Nu’aym al-Asbahani , Author of Hilyat al-awliya’


Imam al-Ajurri was great Faqeeh and Muhaddith . He was trustworthy , had great memory and he practiced on his knowledge. Many great historians and scholars had praised Imam al-Ajurri and his character.

Imam al-Ajurri ra wrote many books.Some of them are :

  1. Akhlaq al Ulama
  2. Kitab al Ghuraba
  3. Kitab al Shriah
  4. Akhlaq Hamat al Quran
  5. Akhlaq Ahl al Quran
  6. Kitab al taṣdeeq bin naẓar ila Allah Talah fi al akhirah
  7. Zamm al liwaaṭ
  8. Kitab al Arbaeen
  9. Akhbar AbiḤafaṣ Umar ibn Abd al Aziz wa siratuhu

Imam al-Ajurri lived in Holy Makkah for about thirty years and he died there in 360 Hijri according to 970 AD.

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